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Welcome to the new Crypto News Forum and Live Chat!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by CryptoNewsMatt, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. CryptoNewsMatt

    CryptoNewsMatt Administrator Staff Member

    Over the past couple months our website has been growing and expanding at a rapid pace! Due to this large amount of growth and the vast amount of knowledge being shared the team here at Crypto News has been evaluating the best way possible to launch a online portal that will allow users to not only live chat but compile a large amount of information that will be able to referenced in the future.

    Our main challenge with the live chat is that any information that was shared in the Telegram chat was lost forever after very few posts. It was with this in mind that we have decided to move over to the forum setup. While we understand people love the live chat aspect we have included a live chat on the website that is also accessible when logged into the website.

    We have also enabled tier rankings for members. You will receive one point for every message you post on the site allowing you to move upwards through our different Crypto News ranks. This is just a fun little feature rewarding individuals for contributing to the community.

    We hope that you give this online portal a chance to grow and prosper and while I understand change is not always pleasant that in the long run this will be most beneficial to the community.
  2. hondo

    hondo Crypto Member

    Great idea! Look forward to a great forum/community!
  3. FibonacciTrader

    FibonacciTrader Moderator Staff Member

    Awesome to see you and Todd going strong out the gate and adapting to the growing following you have. Never tried the Telegram chat, and haven't contributed to a forum in years, but this shit is going to be my cup of tea!(Sorry for the double reply, when I went back to the main page it showed in the chat that my comment was posted as a new thread? Going to try again and see if it shows it as a new thread again.)
  4. Vincent Dunn

    Vincent Dunn Crypto Member

    Just joined look forward to it growing..
  5. Aleister Wright

    Aleister Wright Crypto Member

    Great job. I like what you've done!
  6. Andrew Gallagher

    Andrew Gallagher Learn Crypto Alumni

    Excellent work Matt and Todd Father! You've got my support all the way. Looking forward to see how the next live feed works with the new chat. I'm mostly on my phone when I watch due to the time difference here in Australia. Lucky I have an hour commute to work each day so that I can catch up on any live feeds that I miss. I'm now on my second take of the Crypto Course and learning more each day. I'd find it very beneficial if Todd could do a video walking us through how he interprets the on balance volume charts and the relationship to the 5 minute candles. A few examples with different coins would help greatly.
  7. cryptojaymac

    cryptojaymac Learn Crypto Alumni

    Hey Andrew, I am on my second pass too, and no question understanding the material more this time. I too would love to see some tutorial videos...but think it needs to be in a private location for course students...I think this may be something they are considering in the future.
  8. venster

    venster Learn Crypto Alumni

    THIS is what it had to be
    great job!
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  9. spence

    spence Moderator Staff Member

    Love the new forums!!!
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  10. TheCryptoN00b

    TheCryptoN00b Crypto Member

    Having a chat and forum is just plain awesome. So far the live streams have been helping me gain some profit, that I want to reinvest. Hoping to afford the trading class in the future. :)
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  11. dana9

    dana9 Learn Crypto Alumni

    I think this forum and what Matt and Todd are doing with the videos is exactly what we, the cryptocurrency community, have needed. I've been in the coin business since April 2013 and there has never been this kind of on-point information, in fact I'd rather watch your most recent video again than to find another channel.
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  12. Eric C.

    Eric C. Crypto Newb

    Looks great!
  13. Trent Richards

    Trent Richards Learn Crypto Alumni

    Awesome job guys. What a great environment for all to chat and share information!
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  14. Darren

    Darren Learn Crypto Alumni

    Definitely. Great to find a forum where people are actually.....................helpful lol

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