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Poll - What price will 1 Bitcoin be worth on Jan 1st 2018

Discussion in 'Bitcoin' started by Crypto Keeper, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Crypto Dent

    Crypto Dent Learn Crypto Alumni

  2. Cryptomite

    Cryptomite Crypto Newb

    I believe it will be 6800$
  3. Nate Youngman

    Nate Youngman Crypto Newb

    $7211 ON JAN 1 2018
  4. cstrauss

    cstrauss Crypto Newb

  5. minedyourownbusiness

    minedyourownbusiness Crypto Newb

  6. Lazzarus

    Lazzarus Crypto Newb

  7. srxa

    srxa Crypto Newb

  8. DeanT

    DeanT Crypto Newb

    Hey thanks for the comp.

    $5798 Jan 01

  9. Sven

    Sven Crypto Newb

  10. Byteme

    Byteme Crypto Newb

    Based on the current trend Bitcoin price should be 6000+ by the end of the year!

  11. Sirius

    Sirius Crypto Newb

  12. flyingmoose99

    flyingmoose99 Crypto Newb

  13. Quick Draw

    Quick Draw Learn Crypto Alumni

  14. AlexanderPetrex

    AlexanderPetrex Crypto Member

    It will be nearly $10000...
    Read Here... https://goo.gl/TYRfyR
  15. alanz

    alanz Crypto Newb

    Last edited: Nov 30, 2017
  16. AlexanderPetrex

    AlexanderPetrex Crypto Member

    it seems it will be $12000
  17. Crypto Keeper

    Crypto Keeper Crypto Member

    Man, I posted this quite awhile ago...Who knew BTC would blow up like this! My 7,000 guess back then is 1/2 what it is now. Wow.
    Nelson Winter likes this.
  18. Jennifer Curry

    Jennifer Curry Moderator Staff Member

    I'm thinking $28, 000.

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