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PAY AirDrop Scam

Discussion in 'TENX / PAY' started by TheFunkyGibbon, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. TheFunkyGibbon

    TheFunkyGibbon Moderator Staff Member


    Just making people aware that there is a new airdrop scam going around, the website looks almost the same as the real TenX site. Remember your private keys are called private for a reason.

  2. Andrew Gallagher

    Andrew Gallagher Learn Crypto Alumni

    Great share Funky. The slackbot in slack can not be trusted. It's pure scam across the board. Makes me wonder why slack haven't disabled the function. They've got to be behind the scams themselves otherwise why wouldn't they stop them. I know TENX are relentless with their requests for slack to remove slackbot from their slack channel.

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