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Ledger Nano S issues showing 0 Balance - How to fix

Discussion in 'Hardware Wallets' started by urbandigital, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. urbandigital

    urbandigital Learn Crypto Alumni

    After watching the todays stream i have picked up, that you guys having problems with Ledgers showing 0 Balance after Ledger has updated their software to support Segwit.

    Today i had a phonecall of a friend i brought into crypto at the beginning of the year. He also had the problem of a non working / zero balance wallet with his ledger.

    After encircle the problem with him on the phone i came to the conclusion, that its only the fault of the software. So i suggested him to do the following steps which had fixed the problems for him:

    1. uninstall the google chrome wallet app
    2. uninstall google chrome
    3. reinstall google chrome, make shure the ledger wallet app is not present!
    4. install the ledger chrome app

    I guess its a problem with the automatic update of the Ledger Chrome App and the stored preferences/database/addressfiles on the local computer. You need to make shure to wipe/uninstall all the local stored data on your computer and reinstall the Ledger toolchain. There is no need to upgrade the firmware thats on your Ledger Wallet USB device (if you allready have latest Firmware installed since Bitcoin-Cash update).

    Another chance would be to clear the local browser cache/local browser database, but i did not checked this way to fix the problem.

    Have fun, hope this helps.
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  2. TheFunkyGibbon

    TheFunkyGibbon Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks Urbandigital,

    I just has an issue after sending some ETH to my Nano S, it wasn't appearing in the Ethereum App but I could see the transaction on the blockchain. What worked for me was just deleting the 'Ledger Wallet Etheruem' and reinstalling it. I noticed people were saying with BitCoin you can go into the 'Ledger Wallet Bitcon' app, in the tools there is a reset application data, that apparently fixed issues with balances not showing correctly. (It doesn't appear that the Etheruem Wallet has the function though.)
  3. Andrew Gallagher

    Andrew Gallagher Learn Crypto Alumni

    Thanks for sharing your problems with Ledger Nano S. Mine is due to arrive next week. I would have paniced if coins went missing but now I can see it's a common issue and possible to resolve.
  4. urbandigital

    urbandigital Learn Crypto Alumni

    Not to get a wrong impression! I never had a problem with my Nano S on Linux. But that Bitcoin Forks require a lot of updates on the software side and i guess sometimes those automatic updates of the Chrome App and your local Browser Database gets confused.
  5. Jonnystecchino77

    Jonnystecchino77 Crypto Newb

    Hi I've just got same problem in bitcoin wallet and I follow your procedure resetting application data inside the BTC wallet app. After resynchronizing everything was perfect!!!

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