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Ethereum Price Forecast: $150-Million Crisis Threatens to Derail ETH Price

Discussion in 'Ethereum' started by AlexanderPetrex, Nov 9, 2017.


What is the Future of Ethereum? Should We consider Ethereum for Investment?

Poll closed Dec 9, 2017.
  1. Yes .. here's the reason

  2. No

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  1. AlexanderPetrex

    AlexanderPetrex Crypto Member

    While the rest of the top 10 cryptocurrencies enjoyed a warm Wednesday morning, Ethereum was stuck out in the cold.

    In fact, today’s Ethereum news is probably the worst news since its historically bad fork last summer. Here’s what happened…
  2. Nelson Winter

    Nelson Winter Moderator Staff Member

    Invest in Ethereum? - No. Trade it for a short term? - Yes. ETH is no different than any other coin.
  3. AlexanderPetrex

    AlexanderPetrex Crypto Member

    Which exchange will be better for Trading $ETH??
  4. Nelson Winter

    Nelson Winter Moderator Staff Member

    This type of question is the same as asking which chocolate milk is better.
    Choosing an exchange depends on your personal preferences and a balance between features and fees.
    Each person has to decide on their own which exchange is best based on their own criteria.

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