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Dec 29, 2017
Aug 16, 2017
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New forum for videos and documentaries Aug 20, 2017

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Dec 29, 2017
    1. hondo
      Matt got a hang over from all the shots late last night?? LOL!
    2. hondo
    3. Vincent Dunn
      Vincent Dunn
      Hey bro question Can you tell me SPECIFICALLY where is the best place to share info on this Cryptonews forum and chat website about a Cryptocurrency Company and it’s Coins that was created here in US? Seems like sharing in the chat is a bad idea based on the comments I’m receiving. I also created a thread.
    4. Tyler Harney
      Tyler Harney
      Hey dude! Can you grant me access to the student section?
      Keep killin' it!
    5. Vincent Dunn
      Vincent Dunn
      Also would love to hop on skype talk some crypto and also share The company Bitqyck and Crypto we created Bitqy. hit me up anytime lets chat make it happen. Trying to get more exposure for our crypto currency Our mission, vision and how we drive the value of our coin up. 206-747-4161, email is vincentmdunn@gmail.com Everything on our Bitqy and Mining Token BitqyM, including our white paper: www.bitqy.org
    6. Vincent Dunn
      Vincent Dunn
      Hey Matt whats good, Great interview with Dash special Guest Chuck Williams. Caught The replay just now, Heard your giving away come CqytoNews mugs, Was hoping you could send one show some love. My address is 3606 S. 180th ST #C8 Seatac, WA. 98188
    7. AnonymousDebonair
      Hi Matt, non-crypto related question-> Stream from 22nd September called "Early Morning Live Stream, Bitcoin Still Bullish Testing Support". What is the name of the song at the start? Cheers mate
    8. dz_apollo18
      dzcrypto for the student group <3 :)
    9. Brady Pocock
      Brady Pocock
      Hey Matt, it's Brady. Can you hook me up in the student section?
    10. Ted
      My real name is Ted. My YouTube name is "Tedward P", you can call me Ted but there's a few Ted's in the chat so just call me Tedward or Tedwardo or Ted-Father or Ted the Hustler which ever your comfortable with.
      1. Ted Graham likes this.
    11. Aeternum
      Hi Matt, I'm an alumni of your course. Could you please add me to the student group?
      1. CryptoNewsMatt
        shoot me your email address so I can verify you.
        Aug 30, 2017
        Aeternum likes this.
      2. Aeternum
        Aug 30, 2017
    12. Kayla
      HeyMatt, was catching up on this mornings stream and I notice you guy's said you were having some problems adding new code each time to display the broadcast here. Would love to help you guy's out wether it's embedding your channel to the site or finding you a multi-stream platform. Just let me know <3 Keep up the good work guys <3
    13. _Is
      Hey Matt,

      Love the show, you guys helped me make some money and I signed up for the course. Pls let me know how to access the student forum when you got it going.


    14. Andrew Gallagher
      Andrew Gallagher
      Hi Matt. I'm alumni. Please add me to the student group.
    15. CryptoNewsMatt
      New forum for videos and documentaries
    16. CryptoNewsMatt
      Dash reached all time highs today! Still sitting good at $285
    17. CryptoNewsMatt
      Dash reached all time highs today! Still sitting good at
    18. CryptoNewsMatt
      Dash reached all time highs today! Still sitting good at
    19. CryptoNewsMatt
      Dash reached all time highs today! Still sitting good at
      1. Jonhy Ringo
        Jonhy Ringo
        yes I was on to BTH wave then flipped to DASH ..... me happy boy
        Aug 20, 2017
        CryptoNewsMatt likes this.
    20. CryptoNewsMatt
      Replying to all these new threads. Thanks to everyone who contributes....
      1. Vincent Dunn likes this.
      2. Vincent Dunn
        Vincent Dunn
        Love this site and the forums, posted my first thread in the forums.
        Aug 17, 2017
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